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Of course you should be playing with and teaching your kiddos as much as possible. I don’t know about you but I do rely on screen every now and then when I’m trying to get a couple of things done. Or it’s melt down time in the car. I’ve come up with a list of some things that have come in so handy when you just need a little distraction.

Firstly I truly believe a kiddo needs an area that they can be creative and play independently. For some that looks like a little kitchenette. For others that looks like a train table. Maybe a cool Waldorf play hut. This will look different for every family and for every kiddos taste. Because, believe it or not. Your one year old has preferences already.




When your in a pickle and just need to let your kiddo zone out. I highly recommend this tablet. It has great battery life and storage for your favorite programs. Screen time is always talked about and a touchy subject for some. The recommended screen time for a toddler is 1 hour a day of quality programing. I feel like I need to put that out there. I know our family goes over that. Love me some Bluey, Elmo, Simple Songs, or Ms. Rachel. I do recommend keeping kiddos away from cartoons that are fast paced. I consider it spastic programing. Lot’s of flashing lights, characters running around a bunch, dumb antics. This is probably going to end up another post, I have a lot to say on this. The quick point is that a screen can also be educational. Change the language settings so your little one with learn the sounds associated with different languages. Download fun learning programs. Or play a video that helps your kiddo wind down from an emotional day.