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Subject: Science

Theme: Rainbows

Objective: Students will learn about the colors of the rainbow and how they are formed, and engage in activities that help them recognize and identify the colors.


A book about rainbows (such as “A Rainbow of My Own” by Don Freeman)
White light (flashlight or overhead projector)
Prism or glass object
White paper
Paint or markers in the colors of the rainbow
Glue and cotton balls
Rainbow-colored streamers

Start by asking the students if they have ever seen a rainbow, and what they know about rainbows. Read the book about rainbows and discuss the colors of the rainbow.

Lesson Activities:

Experiment: Demonstrate how a prism or glass object can break white light into its individual colors. Shine a flashlight or project white light onto a prism or glass object and let the students observe the colors that appear. You can also use a white paper and a prism to create rainbow patterns on the wall.

Color Identification: Give each student a piece of paper and some paint or markers in the colors of the rainbow. Ask them to draw or paint each color of the rainbow, and then help them identify and name the colors.

Rainbow Crafts: Provide the students with glue, cotton balls, and rainbow-colored streamers. Let them create a rainbow craft by gluing cotton balls onto a paper or cardboard and attaching the streamers to represent each color.

Wrap up the lesson by reviewing the colors of the rainbow and asking the students to name them in order. Encourage them to continue to look for rainbows in nature and point out the colors they see.

Assess the students’ understanding of the colors of the rainbow through discussion and observation during the activities. You can also give them a worksheet to color the rainbow or name the colors