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What to wear for your Pioneer Days at your Elementary School

Pioneer days at school are a fun way for children to learn about the early American settlers and their way of life. During this time, schools often encourage children to dress up in pioneer-style clothing to help immerse them in the experience. Here are some clothing ideas for children to wear during pioneer days at […]

Pioneer Days in your Elementary

Pioneer Days in elementary school are a great way for students to learn about the history of the American pioneers and their way of life. There are many fun and educational activities that teachers can plan for their students during Pioneer Days. Here are some ideas: Panning for gold: Students can learn about the California […]

Dress during the 1700s

The 1700s were a time of great change in fashion, with styles evolving from the Baroque extravagance of the early part of the century to the more streamlined and elegant Rococo style that dominated the latter half. Clothing was a reflection of one’s social status, with the wealthy and powerful donning lavish and ornate garments, […]